The Photographer Tony Marx

Tony Marx

A love affair with light that was sparked by my childhood interaction with old photographic equipment...filters, flashes, lenses and cameras- spanning every era and milestone- all begging to be played with. Those early lessons cemented a lifelong obsession with learning the rules of photography, and discovering how best to break them. My father always said "Make sure it's a good photo before you hit the trigger".

My passion is candid, sparsely edited portraits that are not posed, or contrived in any way. I particularly enjoy photographing musicians during performances - a common observation of my work being that I photograph emotion, not objects. I favour aesthetics over technicality; grain, contrast, movement, tension, and tight depth of field are common themes in my work.

I'm driven to capture raw moments, to find beauty in honest settings, to elevate the seemingly ordinary and expose the art within, to find the essence of the intangible, and in doing so- preserve memories as authentically as possible.

The DesignProcess

Meeting Of Minds

"Coffee and creativity go hand in hand..." It is always preferable to meet in person prior to booking services to ensure results that match expectations.


"Cookie cutters are only good for cookies". Each shoot is unique, with the final product being bespoke and personalised. This is achieved through the marrying of a range of my styles with your needs.

The Final Product

"It's only a photograph once it's printed, but I'll leave that up to you..." Aside from my Limited Edition Series, all images are presented as high resolution digital format only. This ensures consistency from my side, and allows for a speedier turnaround time.

An Overview Of My Services

Children's Portraits

Tony Marx Child Portrait Photography

It's about earning their trust, and being invited into their world... that's where they'll be themselves, and that's where I can capture their personalities. These are by far my favourite types of shoots, and definitely the most rewarding.

Performance Photography

Tony Marx Performance Photography

Musicians, dancers, artists, actors, athletes, sportsman, and everyone else pouring everything they've got into finite moments- understanding the objective and having instinctual timing is key to capturing those fractions of a second on stage while still honouring the dedication to their craft.

Weddings and Couples

Tony Marx Wedding and Couples Photography

Sincere and honest heartfelt emotion is the focal point of these shoots. Love doesn't care who you are or where you've come from- it matters only that you're here now, together. A delicate touch and a hint of humour ensure that I'll capture that spark...

Event Photography

Tony Marx Event Photography

From intimate gatherings to large scale festivals, the objective is always the same; capture the atmosphere. Experience has taught me how best to position myself for those critical moments whilst not interfering with the events flow, and imagination has helped me catch those unexpected gems...

Art Of Marx Packages

A photographs value is only truly appreciated years after it's taken. I am proud to have played a part in so many peoples lives, and would be honoured to capture and preserve memories for you. If you would like to stay up to date with pricing and promotions- please 'like' and 'share' the Facebook page or email me directly.